Melanin for Battery Applications

Melanin produced by River Road Research (United States Patent 8815539: Methods for Producing Melanin and Inorganic Fertilizer from Fermentation Leachates) has multiple uses including electricity storage and increasing the safety of lithium ion batteries. Methods include producing melanin, melanin-associated proteins and inorganic fertilizer from fermentation leachates or from nutrient rich solutions spiked with low cost, sugar-rich resources.

The success of renewable energy sources such as wind, tidal, and solar depend upon the implementation of economically viable grid energy storage systems. Battery research for the past century has been focused metals such as lithium and lead, but River Road Research sees the future potential of energy storage in organic molecules e.g. melanin. Our melanin polymer (similar to that in your skin) has unique electrochemical properties that are prime for energy storage and battery safety research.  

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