Cosmetic Grade Melanin

Another fraction of the melanin product (United States Patent 8815539: Methods for Producing Melanin and Inorganic Fertilizer from Fermentation Leachates) contains powerful antioxidant and UV absorbing characteristics. River Road Research is currently performing research and design to create new sunscreens that are longer lasting and do not contain heavy metals. With the earth’s ozone layer thinning at alarming rates, innovation in sun protection is an important priority for the healthcare community. River Road Research is looking to incorporate melanin into sun protection products including an all-natural sunscreen with no heavy metals. Our melanin production process:

  • Makes melanin available for research at affordable prices
  • Is sustainably made from food waste
  • Has reaction tempering characteristics that improve the safety of lithium ion batteries
  • Contains powerful antioxidant capabilities
  • Absorbs a broad range of UV light
  • Independent testing shows our pyomelanin has a critical wavelength of 385 mm
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