iMeal (Invertebrate Meal)

River Road Research has developed a technology for preserving food waste and for converting it into a feed ingredient for animals. This product is called iMeal (patent pending). Various species of invertebrates such as crickets, meal worms, earth worms, and black soldier flies are easily raised on low cost iMeal, leading to sustainable sources of protein and fats that can be reintroduced into the feed economy. Some farm animals may also use it, which can help control the increase in the cost of animal feeds.

iMeal technology is currently being experimented with various invertebrate models and has been shown to be a complete feed for black soldier fly larvae with outstanding 1:1 food conversion ratio. Other models with promising results include crickets, mealworms, and earthworms.  Future directions for animal applications include ruminants and swine. The iMeal fermentation process can be customized to various local food waste streams yielding specic nutrients proles to best serve various target animals.

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