Technology and Process


River Road Research has developed a suite of technologies that allows the complete disposal of food waste in an economically and ecologically positive way.

Our process for the recycling of food waste creates a sustainable protein source for use in animal and aquaculture feed providing significant environmental benefits compared to landfilling, composting or anaerobic digestion.

Our BSFL convert underutilized nutrients from food waste into a sustainable source of protein, reducing the unsustainable use of grains, soybeans, fish, and vegetable oils currently used to feed animals and fish. 

  our process image

This bioconversion creates a virtuous circle that makes insect protein a sustainable and efficient alternative to fishmeal.

We have experience in the following technology applications:

  • Food Waste Stabilization and Production of Insect Food
  • Black Soldier Fly Rearing
  • Production of Liquid, Inorganic Fertilizer from Food Waste
  • Pyomelanin Production from Food Waste
  • Microalgae Production
  • Chitin Production